Our reputation is based on supplying the client or builder with a comprehensive design service and drawing package which illustrates the design in detail. This not only facilitates the building process but also ensures that the vessel gets built according to the original design intent. In addition, the drawing package is in general tailored to suit the size and facilities of the boat yard. We work with both custom and production vessel design, where the requirements and details for the builder need to be taken into account.



Naval Architecture and Exterior Design

We offer a full range of hull design, performance prediction, hydrodynamic and weight studies. The exterior design is developed in concert with the overall concept of the vessel. Every effort is made to keep the styling well developed, simple, easy-to-use and practical at sea. We can supply the builder with surface files for CNC milling, or full size templates.



Structural Design and Detailing

The structural design for hulls, decks, internals, keels, rudders, hardware items and fittings is done either to regulatory standards where required, or to first principles.



Interior Planning

We do all interior planning and styling for simple, small vessel interiors and more complicated ones on larger yachts where detailing and integration of the concept with the vessel’s structure and systems become important. We can supply general arrangements, furniture styling details, module drawings, lighting and switch plans.




The mechanical aspects of the vessel are also a very important part of the design, which is why we prefer to do this in-house. This includes details such as the stern gear, steering, mechanical and plumbing systems.