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Du Toit Yacht Design is internationally recognized for excellence in custom, semi-custom and production vessel design; offering services in naval architecture, engineering and interior architecture.

Our ethos is anchored in supplying clients with holistic designs which meet performance needs, functional needs and ergonomic needs.

Working closely alongside our clients and builders, we supply in-depth design packages and align our process to match the size and facilities of the builder’s boat yard to ensure a smooth production process from stem to stern.

Design Tools

Utilizing both 2D and 3D design software; namely AutoCAD, Catia, FINE™/Marine, and WinDesign, we are well-equipped to deliver refined designs, able to compete at an international level. With these tools we can optimise the hull and appendage surfaces towards important parameters such as trim, resistance, propeller sizing, underwater appendage sizing, wake wave behaviour, and more.

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Du Toit Yacht Design Services Naval Architecture
Naval Architecture and Exterior Design
Du Toit Yacht Design Services Interior Design
Interior Design: Concept, Arrangement and Styling
Du Toit Yacht Design Services Structural Design
Structural Design and Detailing
Du Toit Yachy Design Services Vessel Systems Design
Vessel Systems Design
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