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Du Toit Yacht Design launched the M60 Full Carbon High Performance Sailing Catamaran in May 2016. At the time of launch, this was the 11th custom cat to come from this successful design and manufacturing partnership of Du Toit Yacht Design and Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing.

The M60 has been expertly built from lightweight carbon fibre and specifically designed and configured for short-handed sailing, with all primary control lines leading back to the cockpit.

The steering wheel has two positions, hinged outboard for good weather sailing and a hinged inboard for bad weather sailing. The helm seat is a custom carbon fibre design that folds away into the deck so that it clears the deck when the helm is hinged inboard for bad weather sailing.

Remote controlled throttle allowing you to control the engines from any steering position on the boat.

The high aspect-ratio dagger boards and rudders in conjunction with the sail plan were tailored for optimising the sailing performance.  The carbon wing mast and spars where designed and manufactured by Southern Spars and the sails were manufactured by Ullman Sails.

Other features of the M60 would be custom aft dinghy lift, which is designed to allow one person to easily lift and lower the dinghy, while having the option of remaining inside the dinghy.

Although this is a compact efficient sailing cat, the interior is simple yet fully equipped for blue water sailing with a dishwasher, washing machine and air-conditioning.  The interior is spacious enough to accommodate eight people, but is designed to be comfortable for the couple to go on many adventures together.

Principle dimensions of the M60 Full Carbon High Performance Sailing Catamaran:
Metric Imperial
LOA 18.03 m 59.16 ft
LWL 18.03 m 59.16 ft
Beam Overall 8.76 m 28.73 ft
Hull Beam 1.86 m 6.09 ft
Freeboard Bow 1.80 m 5.91 ft
Freeboard Stern 1.70 m 5.56 ft
Hull Draft 0.52 m 1.70 ft
Draft 2.74 m 8.99 ft
Air Draft 24.42 m 80.12 ft
Bridgedeck clearance 0.98 m 3.20 ft
Sail Area Total (100% Foretriangle) 168.1 m2 1,809 ft2
I 19.25 m 63.16 ft
J 6.42 m 21.06 ft
P 20.52 m 67.33 ft
E 7.09 m 23.26 ft
Sinkage 237 kgs/cm 1,831 lbs/in
Nanni diesl N4.38 x ZF151V 2 x 28 kW 2 x 38 HP
Fuel Capacity 2 x 350 litres 2 x 92 gals
Fresh Water Capacity 2 x 250 litres 2 x 66 gals
Holding Tank 122 litres 32 gals
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