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Balance 529 Sailing Catamaran launch: Hull # 9, Blue Diamond, goes in the water

Balance 526 Sailing Catamaran Launch

Du Toit yacht design is proud to be the yacht design firm responsible for the range of Balance Catamarans. We recently launched Balance 526 Sailing Catamaran Hull #9, Blue Diamond, at Nexus Yachts in St Francis.


This beautiful catamaran from Balance Catamarans is the 9th Balance 526 Sailing Catamaran to be launched. Named Blue Diamond, she has striking blue hulls.

Launching a Balance 526 Sailing Catamaran in the picturesque seaside town of St Francis Bay on the East Coast of South Africa is an affair that gets the town extremely excited and brings many spectators down to the water. Anton and Charmaine du Toit made the trip to St Francis to join the team at Nexus Yachts for the launch.

The mast is stepped at the Nexus Yachts/Balance Catamarans factory and then the catamaran is towed down to the slipway by a tractor, followed up a big entourage who walk down with the vessel. All in all, it is an extremely exciting affair.

The Balance 526 is expertly built by Nexus Yachts in St Francis. Her mast is designed and manufactured by Sparcraft Masts in Cape Town and her sails are manufactured by Ullman Sails South Africa.

Anton and Charmaine took some video of the launch day – here is a look at the launch day and the excitement. We have also included some images by Andrea Paarman Photography of her launch day and of one of her sea trails in St Francis Bay.

We also currently have the first Balance 442 and the first four Balance 482 Sailing Catamarans in build at Balance Catamarans in Cape Town.


More videos of the Blue Diamond:

Interior Tour

Sea trial

Interview with the owner

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