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Media release: The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build at Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing: a floating haven of unmatched luxury

Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is in the final year of the build the Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran, a nautical masterpiece that seamlessly marries opulence with functionality. This 87-foot luxury custom power catamaran, designed by award-winning yacht design firm Du Toit Yacht Design, transcends the ordinary, offering an expansive and luxurious on-water experience.

Award-winning design and manufacture partnership

In a longstanding collaboration, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing and Du Toit Yacht Design have partnered on the build of 14 large full custom catamarans ranging from 60 to 110 feet. This partnership extends to include the semi-custom Two Oceans 555 and 675 Power Catamarans, along with the Balance 442, 482, and 750. With Du Toit Yacht Design’s extensive experience in catamaran design, many vessels jointly created with Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing have garnered prestigious awards.

Founded in 1989, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has a wealth of expertise in quality boatbuilding and is one of only a few large custom catamaran manufacturers globally. Du Toit Yacht Design has designed more catamaran tonnage and metres than any other yacht designer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Craftsmanship beyond compare

At the core of this maritime marvel is Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s renowned boat building expertise. Every detail is meticulously attended to, showcasing the highest standards of construction. The decks, expansive and thoughtfully designed, provide an abundance of space for leisure and entertainment.


Innovative layout redefining luxury at sea

The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran’s layout is a triumph of thoughtful design, seamlessly blending functionality with extravagance across its four distinctive levels. The main deck serves as the social nucleus, hosting a sophisticated saloon, a well-equipped galley, and fore and aft cockpits. Descending to the lower deck unveils a private realm, with each hull housing two guest staterooms with en-suite bathrooms, ensuring unparalleled comfort and privacy for all on board. The upper deck unveils the owner’s stateroom, a personal retreat complete with walk-in closets, a coffee station, and a private aft cockpit. Crowned by the upper-level flybridge, the vessel’s highest point offers panoramic views, featuring a spacious lounge area, a bar, and a nap station for the ultimate in relaxation.

The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran ensures seamless operation with crew quarters on the main deck, accommodating two crew members in each hull. These thoughtfully designed crew spaces provide comfort and functionality, enhancing the overall cruising experience.

Each deck is a carefully curated space, reflecting a commitment to luxury living on the water and providing a perfect balance between social interaction and private indulgence. The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran’s layout is a testament to the vessel’s versatility, making it a luxurious home on the waves for the owner and their family, with ample space designed to be enjoyed by guests as well.


Exquisite finishes

Step on board, and you’ll be greeted by finishes of the utmost quality. The interior is a showcase of craftsmanship, featuring a harmonious blend of premium materials and elegant design. From the saloon to the staterooms, every corner reflects a commitment to excellence.


Luxurious living on water

More than just a catamaran, the Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran is a floating home, offering the owner and their family an unparalleled lifestyle on the water. Designed with hospitality in mind, the catamaran ensures that guests experience the same level of luxury. The lower deck’s VIP and guest staterooms provide privacy and comfort, with each detail carefully considered to enhance the overall guest experience.


Entertainment oasis

The saloon area on the main deck is not merely a gathering space but an entertainment oasis. It encompasses a lounge, TV room, and a dining area, creating a social hub for moments of relaxation and joy. The galley, with top-of-the-line appliances, adds to the overall allure, making every culinary experience a delight. The aft cockpit has a big teak dining table for al fresco dining for the owners and their guests.


Tenders and water toys

The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran transforms aquatic recreation with its meticulously planned tender and water toys setup. The tender is housed aft on the owner’s deck, facilitated by a hydraulic crane/davit system. The foredeck, an aquatic playground in itself, boasts the presence of two jetskis effortlessly launched and retrieved by another dedicated crane. This versatile space extends beyond, accommodating numerous other water toys and equipment, including dive compressors. The Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran not only promises a lavish onboard experience but also ensures that its waterside adventures are nothing short of extraordinary.


Oceanfront views from every angle

Emphasising the vessel’s design for the optimal appreciation of ocean vistas, the upper-level flybridge offers panoramic views from a spacious lounge area. A well-appointed bar and a nap station elevate the experience, ensuring that every moment on board is one of unparalleled tranquillity.


Two Oceans Marine’s signature quality

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s commitment to quality is a cornerstone of the vessel’s design. Renowned for their exceptional boat building prowess, Two Oceans Marine has once again delivered a vessel that not only meets but exceeds the highest expectations in the world of luxury catamarans.


Extended cruising capability

Beyond the allure of luxury, the Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran is equipped for extensive cruising. With a substantial fuel capacity of 11 400 litres, the vessel is ready to traverse the oceans, offering the owner the freedom to explore a myriad of destinations across the globe.


A testament to artistry

As it enters its final months of production, the Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran stands not just as a boat but as a testament to the artistry of boat building. This floating haven is poised to redefine the concept of luxury on the water, setting a new standard for catamarans in its class.


Principle dimensions of the Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran:

  • LOA: 26.58 m/87.22 ft
  • LWL: 26.58 m/87.22 ft
  • BEAM OVERALL: 13.42 m/44.03 ft
  • HULL BEAM: 3.62 m/11.88 ft
  • FREEBOARD BOW (TO MAIN DECK): 2.18 m/7.15 ft
  • FREEBOARD STERN (TO MAIN DECK): 1.27 m/4.17 ft
  • HULL DRAFT: 1.14 m/3.75 ft
  • DRAFT: 1.92 m/6.28 ft
  • AIR DRAFT: 13.85 m/45.44 ft
  • BRIDGEDECK CLEARANCE (to DWL):1.09 m/3.58 ft
  • WATER CAPACITY: 3 000 litres/660 Imp Gals
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 11 400 litres/2508 Imp Gals
  • SINKAGE: 981 kgs/cm/5 150 lbs/in
  • AUXILIARY (CUMMINS QSM 11): 2 x 493 kW @ 2300rpm 2 x 661hp @ 2300rpm
  • GEARBOX: ZF325 2.037:1 Red Ratio
  • PROPELLER: 5 Blade Dia 34″
  • GENSETS (ONAN): 2 x 27 kW
Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
Two Oceans 870 Power Catamaran in build
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