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Knysna 550 Sailing Catamaran
Naval Architecture and Exterior Design
Knysna 550 Sailing CatamaranNaval Architecture and Exterior Design

The Knysna 550 is a 55-foot sailing catamaran, carefully and expertly designed Du Toit Yacht Design and built by the Knysna Yacht Company. The Knysna Yacht Company believes that through building on past successes and careful consideration of the demands of modern and discerning multihull sailors, together with Du Toit Yacht Design, they have come up with a design that represents the perfect balance between luxury and performance.

The Knysna 550 remains true the design of its predecessors, the Knysna 440, 480 & 500, with its sporty sleek design that is guaranteed to turn heads with its exciting new looks.

The addition of a flybridge on this new model allows for a superior view of the yacht below and this configuration leaves the rest of the yacht free to accommodate a multitude of layouts to meet specific customized requirements of buyers. From the flybridge helm’s position with no winch handles in sight, the only thing to challenge the skipper will be leaning across and pressing the occasional button.

The Knysna 550 allows one to experience the thrill of high-performance sailing in an entirely new level of luxury and comfort.

The first Knysna 550 was launched in 2021

Read more on the Knysna Yacht Company website, here

Principle dimensions of the Knysna 550 Sailing Catamaran:
LOA 16.55 m 54.28 ft
LWL 16.15 m 52.97 ft
Beam Overall 8.88 m 29.12 ft
Beam Hull Cl/Hull Cl 6.60 m 21065 ft
Hull Beam 2.27 m 7.45 ft
Freeboard (Bow) 1.91 m 6.27 ft
Freeboard (Stern) 1.75 m 5.73 ft
Hull draft 0.64 m 2.10 ft
Draft 1.35 m 4.43 ft
Air Draft 23.87 m 78.33 ft
Bridgedeck Clearance 0.9 m 2.94 ft
Displacement (DWL) 15 406 kgs 33 970 lbs
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